Benefits of Natural Stone Tiles in the Home

If you're looking up for a way to beautify your home, you could consider incorporating natural stone tiles. Following are several benefits you can expect.


Because natural stone is an organic material, each slab and tile displays unique veining and streaks. No two stone pieces are exact replicas, so your tiled flooring, for example, won't be a cookie-cutter design. What's more, natural materials give a room an earthy feel that fabricated materials can't reproduce.

Design Options

Stone tiles are available in numerous colours such as white, black, green and pink. You'll have a visual feast to pick from when you consider the different species such as marble, granite, travertine and slate. While each stone piece varies, each species exhibit characteristic patterns. For example, marble displays striking veins and streaks and a luminous look. Slate tiles give floors a rustic appearance. Thus, you'll have a wide variety of options that support diverse aesthetics and decors.


Stone tiles are available in different sizes and shapes, which you can form into patterns on the floor. For example, you could install a classic ashlar design that combines variously sized square and rectangle tiles. If you want to show off the beauty of the stone itself, you might lay square tiles in a straight pattern. Larger tiles will help to evoke a sense of spaciousness. Another attractive design is to lay square tiles diagonally, adding movement and visual interest.

Low Maintenance

Stone forms beautiful flooring that doesn't require extensive upkeep. However, make sure to seal the tiles to create a non-porous exterior, as stone is naturally porous. Otherwise, it can soak up spills and stain as a result. Once sealed, the tiles will only require a vacuum or mop to keep clean.


Stone tiles provide a versatile design tool to spread over many different areas in the home. For example, they can feature on floors, walls, splashbacks, and fire surrounds. In addition, you can lay them in the bathroom, kitchen, and living areas to create a sense of unity within the home. Additionally, you can create paving outdoors across a patio, for example, using a harmonious tile design.

Thus, natural stone tiles offer numerous benefits. They exhibit a wide range of species and colours that allow you to design different looks. You won't have to spend excessive time on upkeep once they're sealed. And you can engender a sense of coherence around your home by installing tiles in different places.