Could Your Home Benefit from Cement Rendering?

Does the outside of your home need rendering? Maybe, you have been comparing your home to neighbouring properties and are concerned that the brickwork appears discoloured, so the property does not reflect well on the surrounding dwellings? Perhaps, you have been thinking about incorporating cement rendering into another solution, such as stone or timber cladding for the exterior of your home? Alternatively, maybe your home does not have a cosmetic problem. Perhaps, you are looking for a way to prevent water from penetrating your home and causing damage. There are many good reasons to look for a firm offering cement rendering, but before you choose a company to do the work, it can be helpful to have a solid grasp of what cement rendering services are and how they can benefit you. The more information you have, the more informed your questions can be, and the more likely it is that you will find a cement rendering service that can complete the job to your complete satisfaction.

How does cement rendering work?

There is often nothing wrong with having plain brick walls on the exterior of your property, but a textured or coloured render is a great alternative. Cement rendering involves the application of a layer of sand, lime, and cement to a wall. If you don't want to use coloured render, you could always paint the surface once it has dried. While the process may seem simple, it is often more complex than you imagine.

  • Preparing the surface for rendering - In many cases, cement rendering will involve working on an entirely new wall. However, there will be other times that you may need to take off any existing pebbledash or render before work on the new rendering can begin. If you are looking for cement rendering services, you must ensure that any company you choose has included the cost of both parts of the task in their quote.
  • Is a repair needed? -  If your home has been rendered in the past, it's possible that after a while the render may have become damaged and need repair. Repairing render is different to installing an entirely new rendered surface. If you need a render repair, check that your chosen company has sufficient experience in repairing a rendered surface, so you can be sure they will achieve a great result.

To find out more about the benefits of cement rendering services, speak to your local company today.